Event Types

Planning International Corp. provides a wide range of event production services to corporate clients and non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally.

Type 01
Awards Ceremony
There are various types of awards such as individual prize or organization award, all of which incorporate 3 common elements of admiration, gratitude and reward. Through these 3 core messages coupled with innovative ideas and gimmicks, we as a production company strive to provide the opportunity for participants to be encouraged to try something new, gaining new awareness.
Type 02
International Conference / Meeting
For international conferences which welcome top industry leaders, a variety of proposals are required. For example, we can provide simultaneous translation system, stage and visual performance, entertainment for waiting time, and planning after parties. Since 2013 we have been chosen as business partners with “WIT Japan & North Asia” which is an international travel conference from the field of online tourism, airlines and the hospitality sector known around the world.
Type 03
Gala Dinner / Themed Party
At gala dinners and themed parties welcoming important guests, proposals from a global perspective are required. For space decoration, stage performance, and entertainment, all must be based on a concept after thorough planning. We must also plan flawlessly, designing the scenes from the arrival to the departure of our guests. We have an extensive track record of working on gala dinners held by international organizations and themed parties of worldwide companies in Las Vegas, Hong Kong and so on.
Type 04
We have unique networks with Japanese traditional arts and artists boasted to the world including up-and-coming performers appearing in “America’s Got Talent” and “Asia’s Got Talent”. Our strength is in providing original entertainment by combining several different genres of entertainers. Not only through casting and direction but also by customizing to the company’s brand images, we can create an unforgettable experiences for participants.